Proud Christian, wife, an only daughter, niece, cousin, sister-in-law, and aunt. I live in Texas with my husband and cat (aptly named Cat) and I keep them both entertained with my dry sense of humor and good food.

I started thrifting with my mom from as early as I can remember–being pushed in the cart and mom (fanny pack worn fashionably just to give you a hint about how long ago it was) flipping through the racks. Bonus: I usually got to walk out with a “new” stuffed animal! We went because she liked it and though we could have afforded department stores, she preferred to save a few dollars. We truthfully come from German heritage but always joke that we like to continue the frugality of our ancestors.

After my dad, whom I affectionately called papa, died and my mom found herself as a single parent who recently moved to Alaska, second-hand clothes were what we could afford. Although I remember feeling self-conscious because I didn’t have the newest items from Pac Sun or Zumiez, I had warm clothing on my back every day and food in my belly.

Though we made it through that era, we never stopped thrifting. Now, it has become a preference as well as a hobby. My mom and I thrift whenever and wherever we get together and now it’s usually a race to get into the store so that we can beat one another to the “good stuff.” 

Happy Shopping!


Melissa Sue

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