Turning A New Leaf

Lately I have found myself on Instagram Stories watching some of my favorite “influencers” and a lot of them are sponsored by department stores. While their outfits are fashionable and appealing (and I have nothing against sponsorships), I have a special knack for finding high quality clothing for about 75% cheaper. In fact, a majority of my closet is from thrift stores. The only items that are not thrifted are 3 pairs of work pants and intimates.  No joke.

I’ve become known around my office as a thrifter so much that the executive director asked me to do a lunch session where I teach people how to thrift! While I’m excited to teach about my hobby, the art has a shallow learning curve.

When I’m out thrifting, I come across quite a few things that are in great condition and fashionable, but don’t work with my closet or compliment my personality. So, I’ve decided to expand my thrifting abilities and sell some of the fun treasures that I find.

I’m currently working out all of the glitches on my eBay store, but until then, I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of some things that I found today! For now, you can click on the item to to read more about it and purchase. I hope that as I continue to post more items, you’ll check it out and see if I can set you up with a great new look.I hope to have my main seller profile set up in the next few days so keep checking back! I have various sized, men’s and women’s items that will be available.

One of my other favorite challenges is recreating my favorite looks from Pinterest. If you have an outfit that you love and think I can recreate, send it to me (along with your sizes/measurements) at mmoutfits@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy shopping!

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