Why I’m Planning to Fail This Year

Earlier today I attempted to whittle my closet down to 33 items in hopes of doing project 333. After going through all of my functional clothing, I have well over 100 items left in my closet. But you know what? I planned to fail at this project.

Sometime during this year I saw this short video featuring Sara Blakely talking about what failure means in her family. Each night during dinner, her father would ask Sara and her brother, “What did you fail at today?” and then celebrate their failure with them. No, he wasn’t a terrible, mean father. What he was doing was helping his children to learn that failure is not the outcome, but failure = not trying at all.How often has the fear of failure kept you from stepping outside of your comfort zone? Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx, grew up to be a billionaire.

We are guaranteed to fail at things, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying!

Like I said, I have more clothes to go through before I get down to the goal of a “capsule wardrobe” from project 333. But, instead of saying, “Forget this! I can’t do it!” I’ve created a new challenge for myself in order to get me closer to my end goal of 33 items for the rest of winter.

More on that tomorrow.


Melissa Sue



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