Daily Prompt: Stylish

via Daily Prompt: Stylish

Some of the best “style” advice that I ever heard was, “the things you like never go out of style.” Granted, this is not entirely true because, let’s be honest, there are some trends that need to go away and stay buried forever.

I recently helped my mother clean out her closet and I tried to convince her to get rid of all her chunky, wool sweaters that make anyone who wears them look like a box and feel like a scratching post (no offense, mom, just looking out for your best interest). Alas, a few of them made the cut to stay in the closet because she loved them and they make her feel great (and warm…obviously). She lives in Alaska and we both agreed that a few of these wool sweaters were needed.

Can I also mention “mom jeans?” You know why they are called mom jeans? Its because my mom has worn these for EONS. I have TRIED to get my mom’s cute little rump into any, and I mean any jean style, but what the hell! She loves those jeans. She grew up with them, they are legalistically speaking very modest, and they have come full circle. Now it’s all the rage to wear them. I will personally never slip into them because they make me feel like I have a 5 year old kid that I’m driving to and from soccer practice.

Another thing that seems to have come full circle is that purse style that buckles around your waist, is usually tri-colored (the more 80’s the better) but sometimes leather, with the main part of the purse on or around your rear. YES. Fanny packs. I saw fanny packs under pinterest style boards and just about passed out. Why on God’s green earth are these making a comeback?!?!

Despite my admonition for these styles, I will say that my mom is still extremely stylish. Not because of what she wears, but just because of who she is. While I will never put on chunky, wool sweaters, mom jeans or sport a fanny pack, my mom looks cute as a button at all times while donning these items. Her smile and bubbly attitude towards life can make anything look stylish.

So mom, here’s to you. The things you like will never go out of style because you are the one wearing them. I love you more than words can describe.


Melissa Sue

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